What to Go For: Secured or Unsecured Loans?

While looking for a suitable loan many a time most of the people are faced with the confusion of choosing between unsecured and secured loan. Both of them have their own advantages that call out to the consumers and hence create the confusion. Like everything else these two plans too come with their own positives and negatives but the most conflicting aspect is the shortcomings of one is countered by the advantages of the other and hence it becomes a very close competition between the suitability of the two.

Secured loans vs. unsecured loans

Since a very long time process of lending has been known to man wherein keeping something as the security for the amount taken as loan has been a very favored and prevalent trend and that is what forms the basis of a secured loan plan. But secured loan plans require the person to keep his home or real estate as collateral now for those who did not own a house no loan options were available, this restricted the population of people taking loans and hampered the business therefore new kind of loan was devised which did not require any collateral and it was called the unsecured loan. .

Myths about the two loans:

  1. People tend to believe that if they opt for a secured loan they will have to move until they pay the whole loan with bad credit back, however they don’t know that while opting for this loan they only give away ownership rights not the rights to live in the house. Any lender cannot remove them from their house; he can only make a claim for the house when the consumer fails to repay the loan in full.
  2. Anyone should not be under the impression that in case of an unprotected loan the lender cannot make them payback if they don’t want to. Though, the lender does not have any security but he sure will know ways to get the repayment.

The unsecured loans therefore are the harbor of the tenants and those who have no ownership of the any estate property. But this also remains the fact that unsecured plans are much more expensive than secured loans. They involve higher rates of interests corresponding to the higher risk.

While dealing with loans and finances one may often come across a term “credit history” which is nothing but review of a person’s conduct in regards to financial matters. Any failure to make a successful repayment of debts, loans or mortgages gets recorded in the credit history.

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This does not hold much importance in secured loans because if the borrower fails to make the repayment the offered collateral will but as far as unsecured loans are considered credit reports play a significant report. A person with bad credit report opting for an unsecured loan will have to face considerably high rate of interests.

There are various privileges exclusive to the customers of secured loans for e.g. these loans come with low interest rates and allow the consumer to extend the repayment period to as long as 30 years, however this increases the interest rates.

The situation under which the payday loans no credit check is being taken should be analyzed properly and the loan should be taken accordingly after consulting an expert preferably.

Getting a Loan While Being Self-Employed


Being self-employed is a cumbersome challenge in itself and like all other sectors, it too, is faced sometimes with financial breakdowns and leaves the person wondering whether they are eligible for a loan or not. Well, it is all about knowing your options.